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Inspired by the efforts of Hawaiianfoodonline.com, we launched our site in March of 2017.  Having everything you want on one site, plus free shipping on orders over $35 is our way of simplifying the shopping process.  We have all but eliminated having to choose shipping methods and comparing costs.   Remember to sign up for the upcoming promotions for even greater savings as a preferred customer.


Although you may live thousands of miles from Hawaii, we bring the flavors of Hawaii right to your front door.  Whether it is the cool refreshing fruity flavored Hawaiian Sun Drinks to the island favorite Aloha Gourmet Chinese style Lihing Mui seeds.  We even carry the ever popular Hawaiian tropical print bags and totes in various sizes and in a multitude of colors and prints.  Each one inner lined for hot or cold storage.  Hawaiian Sun jams and jellies have been island favorites for years and when spread over Diamond Bakery soda crackers creates an unmatchable combo.   What a way to wake up in the morning to the smell of Lion brand ground coffee brewing and sitting down to a delicious breakfast of Hawaiian Sun pancakes available in 6 mouth watering tropical fruit flavors to choose from.  For graduation or any occasion, we off Hawaiian style lei netting in a various of colors. Simply insert your favorite candy or gum into the lei pods and it is ready to go. We will unveil our assortment of made in Hawaii chocolates featuring our Hawaiian Sun Chocolate Macadamia nut gift box available in single units or in 6 pack totes ideal for gift giving. We could go on and on describing the content of our web store, but we think you get the idea. We look forward to hearing from you. Please give us a try. We will turn your shopping trip into a Hawaiian holiday.


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Aloha Gourmet Da Mini Pounder Prune Li Hing Mui with Apricots 5oz (NOT FOR SALE TO CALIFORNIA)

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Aloha Gourmet Da Mini Pounder Prune Li Hing Mui with Apricots 5oz (NOT FOR SALE TO CALIFORNIA)

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