Hawaiian Sun Premium Coconut Syrup 15.75oz

Hawaiian Sun

Hawaiian Sun Premium Coconut Syrup 15.75oz


One of our most requested items, and a favorite of the locals.  Here is a little back ground on the coconut.  This fruit is most versatile in it's many uses in food, cosmetics and soaps.  It is regularly consumed by many cultures in tropical and sub-tropical regions.  It is grown on tall palm trees.  The round hard shelled nut is usually 5"-6" in diameter and requires husking of a tough fiberous outer skin.  A liquid contained within the shell is called coconut milk that is also widely consumed world wide.  In the premature state, the coconut meat is soft and wet, sweet and  tasty.  The mature coconut yields firm white meat for processing and it's applications are endless.

The origin of the coconut is subject to debate, but India-Indonesia, Malaysia and south pacific regions, as well as Hawaii as possible regions to produce the first plants.  Coconut palms grow in more than 90 countries and the leading producers are in Indonesia, Asia, Philippines and India.  

Hawaiian Sun makes this fruity blend with a thick and textured syrup with an easy to pore spout.  Founded in 1952, all Hawaiian Sun products are produced in Hawaii

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